Web3-ready productivity-platform with decentralised data-storage

For a longer technical trailer of the mechanics behind Swarm integration in Platformly - Check out our video presentation on Swarm Summit 2023

We build your platform for you to keep

We can address the needs of any organisation - with custom-built collaboration platforms. A unique solution, since we equip these platforms with blockchain-based decentralised data storage. What is gained? Data safety unmatched by any other solution.

Your own custom-built platform replaces external third-party software and services.

Only you should own your data

The biggest services that hold your files are bloated with ads and tracking. More importantly, "your" data is actually not even yours. We can give it back to you.

Keep your data on your own server. Or use Swarm's encrypted surveillance-free decentralised blockchain-based solution. We'll build and rig it up for you. Once done, you independently host both tools and data.

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The Tools

Here's a handful of core tools.
But we can add over 100 more - depending on your specific needs. Your files can be kept on your own server or on Swarm's Decentralised External Storage, connected to the blockchain. Therefore, even if your server/backups are lost, all your data remains safe in the secure encrypted Swarm-cloud.

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Video Conference and Chat

Communicate 1 on 1, group, private-public, make password-protected calls, screen share and integrate with other platform apps.

In many cases bridges can be used to connect to other services: Discord | Gitter | IRC | Keybase | Matrix | Mattermost | MSTeams | Rocket.Chat | Slack | Telegram | Twitch | WhatsApp | XMPP | Zulip | VK |

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Kanban Deck

Kanban style organisation tool aimed at personal planning and project organisation for teams: add and order cards, add additional notes, assign labels, share them with the team, attach files, make comments, and keep track of changes. Get your project organised.

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Online Office

Online Office allows you to view, edit, and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within your platform. Multiple users can co-author documents in real-time from a familiar web interface, auto-saving all changes back to your file storage. Its greatest strength is good compatibility with all Microsoft document formats, but Open formats are also supported.

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Easily sync events from any device with your platform and edit them online: WebCal Support, invite people to your events, check attendees' availability, get alarms for events (browser and email), find your events, and see tasks with a due date.

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Supports multiple mail accounts (personal and company accounts), and connects with any IMAP account, so you can send and receive encrypted mail and host your own mail server.

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File Sharing

This mobile and desktop system allows users to sync and share files, in a fully secure way through an encrypted connection. Supports End-to-End Encryption for the ultimate security of enterprise data. Public links to files are easily created and shared.


Viktor Trón, Founder and Team Lead at Ethereum Swarm

Viktor Tron

"MetaProvide is an organisation aimed at bringing professional benevolent services to a world in great need of such. [...] The services MetaProvide are set out to build to foster these goals offer the promise of profitability and their roadmap is viable, their business plan is sound."

Gregor Žavcer, Director Swarm Foundation

Gregor Žavcer

"MetaProvide delivers high-quality solutions. Their technical knowledge and supportive assistance exceeded our expectations. They took the time to listen and truly comprehend our requirements, setting the stage for a successful collaboration. I recommend MetaProvide to any organisation seeking quality IT and development services." Read full recommendation

Henry Bergström, Tech Lead at MetaProvide

Henry Bergström

"As Tech Lead, I am thrilled to work for MetaProvide on our mission to empower organisations to start owning their own data. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that are open source and are prepared for Web3 paradigm. I wholeheartedly recommend MetaProvide to any organisation in need of having their own IT-infrastrture and especially to those with an interest in Web3. Together, we are motivated to make a significant impact by creating a safer and fairer internet for all."

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