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In 2018 a Buddhist monk finds himself in a Swedish university library, when approached by a student asking who he is and why he is there. Their ensuing conversation created the initial spark for the vision, that would gradually evolve into MetaProvide.

We are now an international team of programmers, product developers, administrators, communicators, and that (now former) monk and IT student who started it all. We’re excited to make a difference through the services that we’re building. So, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Team in metameeting

The Team

Bjorn profile picture

Björn Magalhães

Founder and Chairman

I enjoy Eastern and Western philosophy, introspection, MOS 6581/8580 and demoscene, goodness and friendship and a good story.
Henry profile picture

Henry Bergström

Tech Department Manager

My Standup Comedy career is going down the drain but at least I am a decent Brazilian Ju-Jitsi practitioner.
Hakan profile picture

Håkan Bergknut

Financial Manager and Legal Adviser

In my free time I like to ride my motorcycle, spend time with my family and travel both near and far.
Joao profile picture

João Pedro Santos Simões Raposo

Product Development Manager

I would start a perfect day by the ocean surfing and fishing, then in the afternoon have the opportunity to dance in par at a beautiful ballroom.
Tiago profile picture

Tiago Lamelas

Product Research Manager

Never say no to a good conversation or a big wave.
Igor profile picture

Igor Miranda Oliveira

Junior System Administrator

I do everything regarding servers. In my spare time I like cooking, tinkering, travelling and taking pictures. But to be honest, it's mostly servers...
Giuliana profile picture

Giuliana Bueno

Marketing and Branding Manager

I like sport!
Joao Campos profile picture

João Campos

Product Marketing Manager

Win or learn.

Honorable members

Anna Andreasson profile picture

Anna Andreasson

Board Deputy

I enjoy outdoor life - walking the dogs, having a nice cup of tea in the garden or taking a weekend trip with the camper van.
Rolf Englesson profile picture

Rolf Englesson

Board Deputy

To love your fellow human is hard and important.