Nextcloud Swarm Plugin

Decentralised sovereign cloud-storage comes to Nextcloud!

This plugin brings Swarm to Nextcloud - decentralised file-storage, connected to the blockchain.

Nextcloud MetaProvide and Swarm

We spent a year developing an app that will bring great benefit to many. What does this plugin do? When you drag and drop a file into Nextcloud Files, you will be able to store it and retrieve it from the decentralised cloud-storage.

Welcome to Swarm and the future of Web3.0 - straight from within Nextcloud.

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The Amazing Paradigm of Swarm

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Swarm's vision is to become the operating system of the re-decentralised internet. It provides a scalable and self-sustaining infrastructure for a supply-chain economy of data.

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In Nextcloud We Trust

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With over 400,000 deployments, Nextcloud is the most popular on-premises content collaboration platform you can download. It scales from a Raspberry Pi with 2 users to globally distributed installations with tens of millions of users at major hosting providers.

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