The Project Platform at a glance

Our open-source based self-hosted Project development platform is featuring tools such as cloud storage, chat and video-conferencing, documentation platform, collaborative writing, task management, calendar, intramail, and voting.

First generation platform

Rounded Rectangle – Containerized app
Rectangle – Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Lock – Authentication

It’s using three digitalocean droplets (VPS) to host our tools.

WordPress, Nextcloud and Wekan are authenticated using a SSO system (unifying SimpleSaml, Auth0 and CAS under LemonLDAP) that authenticates by querying our LDAP server which host our user data. That platform is a result of unplanned requirement adding and limited knowledge in hosting.

Second generation platform

Currently our work-in-progress platform is a AWS-based solution.

  • Maintainable

    • Containers share the same virtual file system (Amazon EFS).
    • Containers share the same user data (Amazon RDS).
  • Scalable

    • By decoupling data and app, containers can be spawned on demand and share the load.
  • Modular

    • Attaching new apps to the cluster will be easy and not affect other components.

Rounded Rectangle – Containerized app
Arrow – Data exchange
Dotted line – On-demand spawned containers

We are trying to use as many of amazons own services as possible to keep down the need for routine maintenance, and we’re trying to structure things a lot more strict and tidy when it comes to data protection and high availability of services independent on the load of the service or outages. The new way of hosting our service will be up to industry standard.

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