Dearest MetaFriends,

In this last month we have begun to repopulate our beloved platform, with everything having been successfully relocated to rednowerton.  It is really wonderful to see you there again =)  We have also doubled CPU & RAM to make our experience a smooth one.  I invited curious and helpful outsiders of various kinds to take part in video-meetups using guest-accounts: after quickly showing them around the platform, the feedback was, without exception, strongly positive.  Next week new team-members will be introduced and welcomed.

Less good has been the [insert inappropriate and offensive nsfw language here] technical horrors of getting the last part of the SSO to work.  We, therefore, at the beginning of this month paid for the help from outside specialists.  But, alas, these considerable efforts amounted to nothing.  We lost precious time in the process, which of course was precisely what we had tried to avoid by paying for expert help.  MetaHenry and MetaFinn soldiered on.  MetaHenry focused on SSO, whilst MetaFinn, besides supporting him in this, also started to build a bug-tracking system on an external server that we did not use anymore.  During video-meetup we looked into the ways to be productive and well-synced and to carefully document our progress for later reference, since complexity is continually increasing.

I wrote a project overview for both new and veteran team-members alike.  Thanks to the linguistic care of both MetaEmmanuel and MetaJacob it is now readable.  If you are a logged-in member you can read this here: (if you are not, all you will get is a ‘page not found’ message).

With regards to both organizational and personal matters (such as very unexpectedly having to move out from the room I was renting, just in time to be bedridden by a knock-out flu), the kindness and support of Kiy, Suvaco, MetaStephan and NotMetaMartin were incredibly helpful.

My own written material, as well as some great work done by MetaJonathan, was expanded by other team-members, merged and improved further by MetaEmmanuel, and then handed over to MetaFru.  With a mixed sense of joy (:D) she started to selectively reduce the lotr-sized cakkaphony of various sources I provided into something that can fit well into our pitchdeck.  Before this she had already produced four different moodboards, in order to find a design suitable for MetaProvide.  The importance and necessity of UX and Usability is something that many of us have already highlighted, and we’ll look into this much more as soon as the current phase is completed.

Yesterday our benevolent advisors NotMetaMartin & NotMetaAriyo was reinvited to the platform, and today MetaGiusy and MetaSabina, so now we are finally on board as a complete troop once again =)

The previous month MetaHenry visited and worked on MetaProvide here in the UK (for the second time).  This coming month it is MetaJonathan’s turn: more workaholism, interrupted by relaxing visits to kind wisdom teachers and wonderful monasteries for meditation practice.  In the meetup-dimension of life, a benevolent grandfather of the MetaProvide concept, our supportive friend Professor Frank, will be meeting up with MetaFinn in Scotland.

During the coming month all of us now on board the improved platform will interact much more, with things being more properly structured.  That info will be sent to you, so there’s no need to write it here as well.  See you all on the platform!  Lets get our shit together and make October a feast of milestones.

Wishing you well,