Making all this bloom…

…takes lots of skills.


Scalable healing: Using todays technology to accelerate the impact of the worlds therapists, coaches and healers.

Modern Tech Stack

Making sure our service is here to last requires the latest and the best from the industry.

This is what we have to offer, so please consider joining us; we still need more hands on deck!

Markets with ♥

Serving people - not just selling products. We can help people find what they need without charging them.

Yes! with ♥

We all need to make a living; but also something to live for.

Remember what people said ten years ago about Wikipedia and Linux? -How is that ever going to work!? Help us make history repeat itself.

Legal Matters

Piece of cake? Not at all. Building the services of the future, needs to fit in within the regulations of the present.

Do you even need to ask?

Innovation, diversity & complexity, stretched to the limit, imagine the legal implications: constructing an eco-village in Portugal + international services built with our own digital architecture. Want to help us?

Human Centered

To 'just be humans together' is not to be neglected. Spend time with some of the wisest, kindest people we've ever met.

Truths we live by

Developing friendships & forming meaningful bonds is what we all do spontaneously.

We’re deliberately building our intentions and our services from that starting point.

Community Living

The door is always open to our co-living community in Portugal. Together we shape how we live grow and thrive.

Live your wishes

◦ Meet great people ◦ Live differently ◦ Gain life experience ◦ Make your spare time useful ◦ Share what you’re good at & learn new things ◦ Improve health & well being ◦ Grow veggies, write code and  get to know your heart & laptop more deeply ◦

Testing: Providers

Are you helping people for a living? Good, get in touch with us. We are building this for you and we are in need of testers.

We want to hear you lament

Or, at least complaint, so that we can build effective solutions to tackle your distress. We would also like to hear about your wishes and goals in order to deliver a quality service that directly benefits your clients.

Reach out to us!

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The great green mountain - close to our community

What have we been up to?

  • We have been busy building our own secure OpenSource self-hosted ‘Project development platform’ including: Cloud storage, task management, calendar, documentation platform, two chat & video-conferencing systems, collaborative writing, IntraMail and a voting app. General usefulness aside, this demonstrates that we know how to build the online-services necessary for MetaProvide to flourish.
  • Much hard work has gone into exploring methodology, strategies and research regarding several important aspects. We have increased our understanding of: help-desks, IT up-scaling, online office-work, contacts database building, marketing, web-based healthcare systems, Provider needs-analysis, project management and design.
  • Although most of our work up to this point has been of little interest to the general public, we have shared monthly updates on the team-blog since June 2019. During this time, we have strengthened our connections with people and organisations interested in MetaProvide.
  • Apart from our regular online meetings and group collaboration, many members of the development team have also met up internationally, working together in real life in England, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Austria & Portugal, all while having fun and sharing deeply meaningful experiences.
  • Members of the development team have traveled to Portugal, resulting in local authorities approving our plans to build a community there. It was during these trips that we initiated the legal process necessary for registering MetaProvide as an proper organisation..