Hi MetaPeople,

Today is Halloween, signifying the end of the month. It is once again time to write a little update about what has taken place over the past month. I have taken 7 wonderful days off from project work (which is something I have not done in a very long time) and have benefited from my time away, staying at Hartridge Buddhist Monastery. MetaJonathan from Sweden first went to to the UK to see me in Totnes and Exeter where we worked a bit and later on we together went to the monastery. There we met up with Ajahn Ariyo (NotMetaAriyo) and participated in the monastery routines. MetaJonathan later went back to Stockholm, and right now Ajahn Ariyo and me are on our train-journey to London:

In London we will see Noah and friends who are busy developing EcoSoulHostel.com a really beautiful project. Later I will meet Dr. Claire Loussouarn  to discuss the making of the MetaProvide video trailer.

A huge technical milestone, related to our project platform, to implement Single Sign On, is now at last done thanks to the skillful help of Ivan Casco Valero. This technical improvements will be very useful also for other developments that lies ahead of us. MetaFru, MetaJacob, MetaEmmanuel, MetaGiusy, MetaJonathan, and myself have been adding bits and pieces to the pitchdeck that has been dragging on a bit but is now starting to become clearer. MetaFinn has made awesome work on security, bugtracking and documentation on another server dedicated for this specific purpose. On yet another server MetaHenry has set up a very powerful video-conferencing service that we will be able to learn much good things from when setting up the MetaFriend help-desk service. MetaTeam members will be given full access to this in a day or two.

MetaStephan helped with taking care of, and keeping an eye on, money transfers and invoices. MetaAma, our latest member who among other things, is trained in Agile, Scrum and other project management techniques will be able to help us during our bi-monthly online check in’s. There is so more that could be written here, but one can read about that in the minutes of our meetings. OK, time to stop writing, and continue some dialogues about consciousness and the meaning of life with the monk patiently waiting for me to wrap up this little update.

I look forward for all of us to get to know each other more and more. See you all online and in person,