Dear friends,

We hope you are all well! Lets go straight to listing some of the last months events! Here we go:

We are building up our administrative service MetaSimplify, to assist providers like Stephan Pende (Spiritual advisor, Psychologist, Former Buddhist monk, Meditation teacher). The help from Dr. Frank and Frances is helpful beyond description.

Our dedicated and energetic co-worker Peter Falk drove all the way from Sweden to Spain (meeting MetaIvan) and Portugal (working with MetaBjorn & visiting the MetaCommunity land). He has for over 20 years specialized in international business development; from large corporations to innovative startups. Welcome, we’re glad to have you onboard!

We received visitors at our community land in Portugal, architect/dome-builders Slawa & Robin who are developing interesting land-based eco-projects in the UK, Italy, Brazil & Poland

On the online side of life MetaStephan ( offered us guided meditation and fruitful conversations on life and mind. (Photo on the left).

MetaBjorn too offered guided meditation to some 30 people from the Swarm-team as they were having an event on the retro-game-looking platform. 🙂 (Right side image).

We learned a lot (!) about healthy company development from our meeting with CEO and security/privacy expert Dr. Melanie Rieback from Thank you!


⦿ We finalized our budget and presented it to our sponsor Viktor Tron at Budapest airport.

⦿ We looked into possible company solutions in Malta and Estonia before settling on our first choice again, Switzerland, where Natalie Muller and her husband Tom kindly decided to join and help.

⦿ We had a great precious meeting with Swarm’s in-house lawyer Fatemeh about various association/company creation solutions in Switzerland.

⦿ MetaGiusy did tons of great work with interviewing and creating questionnaires for suitable freelancers. And then turn it into something that actually works. (Check next bullet-point for an example)

⦿ This blog has been migrated from our old page and this current page was much improved thanks to the skilled freelancer Tariq Shahzad ( whom we wholeheartedly can recommend. (Thanks also to Mudassir Khan).

⦿ There was fruitful meetings with Ruben Rodrigues ( a skilled UX designer and video-producer at the MetaCommunity land. We look much forward to work with him.

⦿ We every Monday had meetings, planning and reviewing our work. (Which MetaBjorn & MetaBertilla planned and prepared on Sundays).

⦿ Our business model and the presentation material regarding it has been vastly improved thanks to Peter Falk.

⦿ Our techy MetaHenry wrestled bravely with Talk’s Signal-servers + Jitsi-settings so that we could communicate well online + be ready for coming challenges when testing our proto-services.

⦿ Our kind advisors NotMetaAriyo and NotMetaMartin helped us on meetings and also at times one on one.

A quote taken from a post on our teams development platform will end the last post for 2020:

I wish that we make early 2021 the year when MetaProvide display it’s beautiful capacity as a established organization; showcasing a set of important and deeply needed proto-services that can be further tested, improved and grown.

It is within reach, for a dedicated and compassionate group of people with sufficient sponsoring to successfully undertake such a journey“.