Dear Friends,

What a month. And how little time I have right now to cover it all! Having had another great last-minute meeting with Dr Claire, I then left  the UK for Copenhagen, where I saw my friend Rasmus Hougaard at the Potential Project.  We had great conversations about our projects and Earl Grey as well as our shared understanding of the importance of sustainable, healthy community building.  That same night, the MetaTechTeam had a really fun and productive online meeting.  Later in Karlskrona, MetaHenry and I talked much about community building in Portugal, as well as the intricacies of the MVP’s of MetaFriend and MetaProvide. (Including good laughs, meditation sessions, and MetaHenry-produced vegan food).

Later I stayed with my dear friend Emilia Mendes in Ronneby.  We shared wonderful conversations on Truth, practice, and the inner life.  We also discussed various aspects of MetaProvide from the viewpoint of both compassionate action and innovative software development of the necessary services.  She is happy to assist in overlooking how the early prototypes of our software will develop.  Since she is a very skillful professor in computer science this is super-fortunate!  She also generously sponsored our gathering of  Meta-developers in Stockholm!  This photo below is from that event. And this photo here we also shot specifically for you Emilia!! 🙂

MetaFinn, SoonMetaJohan, MetaSabina, MetaJonathan & MetaHenry

MetaFinn, SoonMetaJohan, MetaSabina, MetaJonathan & MetaHenry

We stayed at underverket coworking for our meetings.  They had a fantastic cinema room there, where we had a video-conference meditation session with our friend MetaStephan (Pende) 😀

MetaJonathan & MetaSabina (who both, with much kindness and warmth, are hosting me here in Stockholm) found a great Ethiopian restaurant, where we went for some well-deserved rest after many hours of productive meetings.  For the other 6 members and 2 MetaAdvisors who did not join us in Stockholm I can say that our full-team meeting is something that several of us are now planning for. Details to follow on that.  Again, for all of you who are interested in knowing the content of what we discussed in the meetings, read the minutes. (MetaFinn himself did not exactly write them, but he was nevertheless profoundly involved in their coming into being).

There are several people who have contacted us out of interest in being part of all this and as the busyness will now lessen a bit you will hear back from us. We can hopefully meet up online in the first week of December.  MetaAma has talked with Meta’s and NotMeta’s and most of us have now voted on the days of the coming bi-monthly online meetings here.  (…if you are logged in that is.  Log in procedure was improved this morning, so from now on this can be done directly from ).

Finishing this text in a nice cafe after a wonderful meeting with Luna, again discussing the mind, eco-village living and journeys to Portugal, I sense deep gratitude for being a part of this meaningful project that we all together co-create.

Hugs to you to all!