MetaSimplify is a personal, administrative assistance service. We support providers who are specialists in fields such as spirituality, psychology, health and relationships. Depending on your specific needs we free up your time by managing tasks such as scheduling, IT-marketing, financial advising. We will also connect you to our larger administrational network, for sharing and allocating resources and maximising organisational efficiency. These tasks are promptly and personally managed with security and privacy foremost in mind.


  • administration, marketing, or other business-related tasks (such as travel planning, email correspondences, social media, advertising, accounting),
  • not having the necessary tools to manage everything by yourself,
  • having difficulties growing the services that you want to provide,
  • losing opportunities to improve your service through lack of time,
  • feeling overwhelmed, or lacking the time needed to focus on clients’ needs


  • using tailored professional tools,
  • procuring secondary staff who can assist with your tasks,
  • connecting you with Explorers seeking your services,
  • providing access to our knowledge base and resource hub,
  • facilitating more opportunities for retreats, conferences, and other endeavours to deepen and cultivate knowledge-sharing, community-building, and last but not least: recreation and fun!

Using MetaSimplify will ultimately deliver: more time to build your business, improved income and financial statements, and, most importantly, satisfied clients. We’re continuously developing these platforms, based on your requirements and feedback.

As MetaProvide grows, our primary purpose remains to ensure that we contribute something meaningful, beautiful and satisfying to the world.

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