Yes, these months of 2020 will stand out in history for millions of people.  But besides the virus what more can be said about this time from us the developers at MetaProvide?

March was deliberately a rater quiet month for many of us.  MetaBjorn was after a year of planning spending the entirety of that month in meditation retreat.  This was at a Buddhist monastery in Switzerland, (Dhammapala monastery) where he previously used to live as a monk.

In his absence work was done on our platform and also sharing of ideas about how to take the next important steps ahead. But of course the virus suddenly changed everything.  Some of us lost family and friends.

MetaBjorn got stranded in the monastery  as the development regarding our community-land in Portugal (that you can read about here) got halted with three flights cancelled in a row.  So instead of working with finalizing legal papers about this, and also addressing the paperwork involved in establishing us as an proper organization, we for the time being focused on work we could do online.  Also the opportunity to visit HH the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala of course became impossible. April was a difficult month for many of us in the team due to various kinds of illness and health-issues even involving hospitalization and rough times in general.

Besides doing backend-work plus testing of our new digital infrastructures,  two groups with 5 people each are now rather busy.  One is looking into research that we are doing concerning the need of the Providers. The second group (That’s MetaHenry, MetaFru, MetaSabina, MetaJonathan, MetaJacob, MetaGiusy, Luna and MetaBjorn) is busy wrapping up our current phase of development so that we with all our strength will be able to move into our next phase.  And what does that entail exactly? When you here read about our summary of May you will know that.  But feel free to be curious about it 🙂  Also in the mean-time make sure to pop by  Or get in touch with us if you like.  A few of you who recently did just that, waiting for our response,  you will hear from us in the coming week.

The last months shows us that we all need reliable and noble infrastructures for humans to effectively and compassionately reach out and help one another.  This is true both in terms of IRL and Online.  MetaProvide is from the core designed and built to address both these dimensions.  Take good care and be safe!