Dear friends,

We hope you are all well! Here is a detailed update with several sections. Before we go into the particulars of the actual project development, first have a look at a few new photos. (Click to enlarge)

This landscape is part of our MetaCommunity land in Portugal. This nice field is directly opposite to our existing buildings.

MetaBjorn, MetaHenry, MetaIvan from the MetaProvide TechTeam staying at Sumedharama Buddhist monastery, and.…

… A watercolour depicting visiting Buddhist monks, developers, friends and family at the MetaCommunity land. [Visiting artist: Pedro Loureiro ].

On the IT side of life, MetaHenry has spun up our new, now flawless, video-conference platform! The MetaTeam, catching a break from work, were taking the video-conferencing for a spin and practising meditation online with two visiting friends and providers; Suvaco Hansen and Dzogchen Wendy  Thank you!!

OK, enough photos for now, let’s stop and reflect…

These images, whether they depict cyberspace or planet earth, all have two things in common: (a) community/others, and (b) knowing the mind/oneself. Why mention this? Because it is representative of the things that are important to us as a bunch of diverse, non-sectarian, freewheeling, geeky, ethical, curious developers, since its about our lifestyle and values. “You will know the tree by its fruits”. So, what about, not the team, but the fruits; our services, the actual project product?

Our services, the project products.

The two services in nutshell:
The first, MetaSimplify, is for ‘helping those who help others‘ (specialists in fields relating to spirituality, psychology, health and relationships) through our supportive online administration service providing professional assistants.

The second, MetaFriend, is a volunteer-based free-of-charge help-desk, dedicated to helping people searching for the sought after connections they experience they need in order grow, heal, cope, or deepen.

Both services operate through genuine human-to-human interaction flowing through powerful and secure up-scalable IT systems facilitating meaningful real-life personal connections. We invite you to read more about this on our homepage here and here.

Project Progress

We are happy to report that we have reached our goals having completed the tasks of our finished phase ‘Phase 0’, now moving into ‘Phase 1’

Phase 0 – A chapter completed.

  • [DONE] We propose to build a self-hosted project-development platform on one single server in three parts (Nextcloud, WordPress, Wekan), unified through SSO with all users managed through LDAP. (Implemented functions; cloud, chat, documentation platform, collaborative writing, task management, calendar, intramail, voting). An additional second system for more sophisticated video-conferencing was added.[Conclusion: We’re confirmed capable of setting up working MVP’s for MetaSimplify and MetaFriend].
  • [DONE] A documented overview of vision and organization. Landing page, Organization overview, Blog, Pitch deck, Tech documentation, Provider and competitor research, Defined organization core values, Onboarding section plus means of project contact.
  • [DONE] We should after analysis (Examining the estate itself + legal-implications) decide whether the land in Portugal is suitable for forming a MetaCommunity for co-living/working.
    [Result from analysis: affirmative]. 

Phase 1 – The chapter ahead

  • Registering the Metaprovide organization as a legal entity.
  • Finalize all legal documents regarding the land in Portugal available for community co-working/co-living. Undertake preliminary work to maintain existing buildings paving the way for future renovations and construction. These modest improvements are intended to create a functional space for team members and guests over the coming 6 months.
  • Bring our research and development for Meta services, primarily MetaSimplify, to a level of maturity for further refinement, testing, and optimization, working together with committed and established providers.

The meta team has successfully concluded Phase 0, now finalizing the budget for the next chapter, standing on the threshold of Phase 1.

Progress revisited – Meta reflection: The good, the true, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

We would not be here today without our dear benefactor and friend Viktor Trón (early dev of Ethereum, founder/project lead of Swarm) and his generous offering of €20,000 that has taken us all the way to this point. This important donation have also included covering the living costs for MetaBjorn. One of our ‘NotMeta’ advisers, Ajahn Ariyo, expressed his encouragement saying -What was starting to develop way over a year ago is actually now becoming real, beautiful!“. That statement sums up the current situation very accurately.  We did so much more than what we had set out to do.

Hang on a minute, let’s not get too carried away by congratulating ourselves. Of course things are not always blazingly perfect, far from it. There is, has been, and will be dysfunctionality, obstacles, mistakes, laziness, bad judgement, indecisiveness, the tendency to overwork or work unsustainably and many other kinds of silliness. Let’s throw in inexperience and impatience to the list of shortcomings too. (Those showcasing their projects often, quite understandably, do not always mention such things). There is much to gain in not fearing, blaming or denying the messiness of life, or downplaying the importance of ones personal responsibilities, strengths and limitations. Also it is important to be patient and kind with oneself and one another. People who love what they do, discover that to be a good way to live life, if it also brings maturation, insight, and shapes new skills. So seen from a honest balanced viewpoint we are doing really well, whilst there is still plenty of room for improvement. There are good reasons to feel happy now, this having been quite a ride, and a ride that continues.

The amount of kindness and goodness we have witnessed inside the team and beyond is incredibly beautiful. Professor Emilia Mendes and MetaStephan last month generously donated 4000 and 3000€ to help MetaBjorn’s family and the MetaLand project, sponsoring temporary mobile housing there. This contributes greatly to perserving the community-land, tackling the problems of water-leaks, social aspects of community development and sufficient housing during renovation. Thank you so much!

This is for you!

All our written material open to the public can already now be accessed; Organization overview,  Our services explained,  Our Tech,  Pitch-deck slides,  14 months worth of blogs, and more. All that will get a big much needed web-design overhaul, making it much more neat, beautiful, accessible and tidy. (That includes also this horrendously ugly team blog). That is in itself something nice and satisfying to look forward to, but if you care about the core, the heart of our activities, it should matter less to you. That is because our aim is first and foremost not to please or impress anybody by presentation material, but really to build something practical that effectively lessens suffering through compassionate innovative solutions. Yes, something that actually works and delivers. How? Watch us. Perhaps right now—by digging a bit into the links above if you like! Or just write, perhaps to meet up for a online video conversation.

It will be interesting, fun and rewarding to follow the various facets of MetaProvide, either by considering joining the team or by collaborating or perhaps by just staying in touch with us during the journey. Video documentation is one of the ways in which we will make this continous adventure transparent and accessible to follow.

This post will end with the most current and summarizing info. It is a pasted snapshot from our team’s non-public internal chat-channel, posted some day ago, slightly shortened and corrected. It’s a list of bullet-points, personal and informal, that will give you a hint what is happening, and what it is like on the inside of the project.


⦿ After lengthy correspondence with the UK and Swedish tax office MetaBjorn is now registered as a taxpayer in Portugal having NIF, becoming a member in the Credito Acricola Bank, (which among other things took three necessary kinds of documented proof of Portuguese residency). In three days time MetaBjorn gets the last missing piece before company creation becomes possible; NISS, a ‘social security number’.

⦿ MetaBjorn‘s hospital cost drama seems to be settling down. (7 days in hospital and much medical exams will be paid by the Portuguese health system). Health-wise the condition is stable, but I’m being on heavy steroids for 6 week but coping well. It unfortunately seems to be the case that i suffer from Crohn’s Disease.

MetaProvide updates now continues, from a less Bjorn-centric angle:

⦿ After talking to MetaIvan and Viktor Trón the legal organizational entity might become either Swizz or EU/Portuguese. The research into this deepens.

⦿ The collaboration with Mario Frazao is looking bright. He is investing in hydroponics and his son, who is studying economics, will be invited to see what we are doing. Mario offers us to use large parts of his land, neighboring ours, for temporary mobile-homes, which is something that also he is considering investing in.

⦿ MetaHenry, MetaGiusy, MetaFru and MetaBjorn summed up almost all of the landing page survey-feedback into a strategy, and also thought about visual representations of our vision. We penned down some of this and tucked it away in order to be addressed as soon as Phase1 has started.

⦿ Sebastian from Sweden has expressed interest in coming to Portugal, invest, building houses here. He is a carpenter! We have a new meeting in a few days time.

⦿ MetaBjorn had a wonderful online meeting with Bertilla that is interested in joining us. Her background, personal motivation and skills in Project Management is much needed and MetaProvide will try to offer her something genuinely meaningful back. Before becoming a Meta one is first a Candidate for a while; her newly created user on the platform is MetaCandidate08

⦿ MetaBjorn and MetaHenry welcomed another candidate, Kim, MetaCandidate07 a while ago. She is experienced in entrepreneurship, and have stayed at places like Totnes and MetaSabina‘s flat 😉 Almost going to Portugal last month we have talked about working together sometime-somewhere during September.

⦿ During yesterdays meeting MetaStephan clarified that he is coming to Portugal. This will happen in October 🙂

⦿ Viktor Trón, of Swarm, our sponsor, has communicated that they would like come to Portugal to see us. We have not yet set the date. Tech and budget/funding meeting will happen before this.

⦿ MetaSabina and MetaFinn are back from their time in deep nature in the Swedish mountains of the north. We’ll meet up online.

⦿ MetaBjorn and Ana has managed to convince the local authorities to repair the flooding river and yesterday they confirmed back to us that they are now doing some work on this. Weather it will solve the problem or not remains to be seen. Ana has learned to do welding, now building steel structures on the MetaLand.

⦿ MetaGiusy has done a wonderful job in research/interview together with MetaStephan regarding provider needs analysis. More of this good work is on the way as soon as the budget that we are working together on is finalized. MetaGiusy is in much physical pain in the back, having a tough time. Ajahn Ariyo and the monks in the monastery did some chanting for her and all of us wish her well.

⦿ MetaHenry spent over a month in gentle Portugal. MetaLand, Monastery, Lisbon, Tech stuff, Documentation, Adding new flawlessly working Jitsi instance, Budget work, TechMeetings, Vegan cooking for visiting monks… 🙂 We photo/video documented a lot of this!

⦿ Natalie from Switzerland is interested in helping us with design and other matters related to MetaProvide development. Doctor Frank has announced that he now has plenty of spare time to help us with documentation, text-review and research.

⦿ In a few days time we can again invite a monk or meditation teacher here on the platform to guide meditation and doing Q&A sessions. MetaStephan ( will lead our online meditation session on the 6th of September (before excessive Earl grey drinking later that evening, and a big team meeting next day).