-What is the MetaProvide project all about?

Have a look at our brand new landing page for the easiest, most accessible overview so far.

With the above MetaFru did a great job, shortening and condensing heaps of text material, designing it into something tangible and sleek, and the rest of the team added feedback and corrections. It is still not completely finished but is no doubt ready to share with those interested in our work.

MetaBjorn was kindly given two different places to live and work in Hungary during his six weeks there. First at an apartment belonging to Swarm’s Edina Lovas, whilst she was in India practicing yoga. And after that she found him another ideal place close to Blaha Lujza tér. Because of being in Budapest it was possible for him to meet our sponsor Viktor Tron several times, talking about this project, as well as many other meaningful things. As always, when it comes to MetaProvide team-members, besides working hard, we also spend time exploring the mind. MetaBjorn and MetaFru on some occasions, with that as the target, went to practice meditation, Zazen, at a most interesting Zen center in Budapest.

The work regarding developing our two primary services continued. We chose by vote the name ‘MetaSimplify’ for our online-office entity. This is where secretaries will be able to support our Providers. MetaGiusy and MetaBjorn worked online, going through various methodologies for conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses on the important topic of help-desks, aimed at the development of the MetaFriend service. Here Explorers later will be able to find the support that they are looking for. MetaEmmanuel started to lay down the basics for growing our contacts database. Jacob Possert invited MetaProvide to an online-meeting with the rest of the Alms Community. MetaStephan visited the team members in Hungary for a few blessed days as we greatly benefited from deepening our understanding of the needs of our intended Providers. MetaAma provided valuable internet references also relating to this. MetaSabina, besides looking into the social aspects of MetaSimplify, helped people in the tech team getting their flights in order for the MetaProvide 2020 TechMeeting in Madrid. NotMetaMartin made sure that payments for travelcosts was quickly transfered. 

MetaBjorn went there from Budapest MetaHenry and MetaFinn traveled from Sweden meeting up with MetaIvan living in Madrid.

The four of them had incredible days in Madrid that defy description. Our primary objective, development-wise, was to put down the basics for our new digital architectural infrastructures.

In Madrid, just like in Budapest before that, the most present and noticeable inter-personal qualities were of friendship, kindness, strong effort and mutual support. Since this is what we wish to offer to the world, it is very reassuring that even before we are there, we are living these values ourselves as we develop MetaProvide together.

After Madrid MetaBjorn managed to go to Portugal in order to work out details regarding the estate available for MetaCommunity development. In a few days time we will know more about how this will progress. The photo below was from the first meeting the day before visiting our lawyer.


From the 1st of March MetaBjorn will go into retreat-mode, rest, and not be involved with MetaProvide for the duration of that month.  Perhaps it is best to close this post as it began: by pointing to the landing-page at metaprovide.org