So this is the 6th time we post monthly news here, and what a time it has been. With the meetings now happening every 14th day, interested people wanting to know more about what we are doing, and also new people wanting to join, there is much to write about. It’s a fact that the turbulence around Christmas and New Year, no matter how personally gratifying it may be, has horrendous effects on productive project development.  Never again… until next year 🙂

The image below shows our first gathering on the new self-hosted video-conference platform.

We used this for the second meeting as well and also for the meeting with our Tech Group. (On a daily basis we still rely on ‘Talk’ for Video/Audio/Chat, thus having deeper integration with the rest of the system).

Speaking of tech/IT, MetaSabina represented MetaProvide at the big teradata conference in Stockholm. This was due to an invitation from Stephen Brobst, who was couchsurfing his way to her apartment. He was appointed to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology during Barack Obama’s term, and he was ranked by the Advisory Cloud as the fourth best CTO in the US (after the CTO’s of Amazon, Tesla and Intel), out of a pool of 10 000 CTO’s. His advice regarding what things we should attend to during our development was very much appreciated and carefully considered.

After the team-gathering in Stockholm MetaBjorn stayed with NotMetaMartin in SmĂĄland. Congratulations on getting married Martin & Madeleine, and also on soon having a baby! 🙂 We talked about the roles of the NotMeta’s, group-dynamics, and macro-perspectives. MetaBjorn reunited with MetaHenry in Karlskrona and had meetings with potential providers there, and was also speaking about MetaProvide with Peter Linde from Blekinge Institute of Technology. Meetings online with MetaJonathan continued, talking about the MVP’s, competitive advantages and revenue streams.

Meetings followed in Copenhagen, Berlin and Budapest – three capitals in one day. The greatest challenge, due to delays of flights and also luggage problems, was to manage time well, discussing MetaProvide development with Jakob Possert in Berlin. The conditions with flight problems was greatly improved by the fact that Jakob kindly took care of MetaBjorn’s luggage. The many diverse topics and perspectives on Meta-development we went through in too short a time we fortunately will have a chance to explore again in greater depth in less than a week’s time in Graz. Also, in the last big meeting Jakob mentioned what he has proposed in text: an invitation for the team to gather together not far from Graz, Austria, in August.

After Berlin, MetaBjorn was  (not knowing this was going to happen) picked up at midnight from the airport in Budapest by Viktor Tron. As all of us in the team know, he is the sponsor of MetaProvide. Without him, the 6 months of hard work you can read about here would never have happened. He is the man behind swarm that grew out from Ethereum. They are the answer to how to go about decentralizing the web3.0 model. Whilst MetaBjorn was a Buddhist monk, living in UK monasteries for over 7 years, Viktor was one of the few people that visited him consistently for the entire duration. Sometimes, if permission was granted from the monastery, also taking him outside the monastery.

Notice the geekier-than-life photo below. It unfolded as a manifestation of Viktor’s long lasting obsession with running orienteering competitions. (Thankfully for MetaBjorn to participate in such competitions was not allowed in terms of the monastic discipline).

MetaFru in Budapest has started to go through newly considered ideas about the design of our presentations. Since our work is sometimes difficult for people not already familiar with it to quickly grasp, this is very important and much needed. Because we have many hands on deck now trying to complete this task, we should be able to post the results here in the next monthly news letter.

Luna Berardi from Stockholm has been invited to our platform. She is going to Portugal a bit before May to learn more about co-living and community there, which, as one can read in earlier posts, is at the very heart of MetaProvide.

Lastly, the tech meetings, and also the one-on-one conversations with Ivan Casco Valero, has been most uplifting. His understanding of how to build the digital infrastructures needed for our human-to-human services to be scalable, secure and maintainable over time is so important. It is one of the factors needed to bring this project to where it deserves to be.

At the end of the day the point of it all is to make well-being, inner clarity and compassion something that can widen, deepen, spread and organize itself well in this world. If one is serious about this in the depths of one’s heart, and one is producing the right intentions, institutions and implementations, then it can be done. A good aspiration for 2020.