Dearest MetaFriends,

I hope this month has been a good one for all of you.  I have not seen most of you on the platform the last two weeks, for the simple reason that almost all of you were kicked out.  For a few more days you will remain left outside, longingly waiting in the cold… But do not fear, our digital platform back-end renovation has been going very well!  Your shiny new users have been created, and in a matter of days you will all regain glorious full-entry.

Imagine renovating a house.  The residents take a hike for a few weeks, and, upon returning they say, “Hey it looks pretty much the same as before!” However, the building is in fact quite different now.  If one were to change all the plumbing,  insulation, electricity, and supporting pillars, but not even damage the wallpaper, that illustrates the work we have done.  The changes have been incredible and we feel very happy about this (after swearing mildly and not getting enough sleep).  You can, if you are logged in and interested in the technicalities, read about it.

MetaHenry came to the UK for five days and we worked – ‘manically’ would be an understatement – on many of the ‘techy’ aspects, whilst also discussing the project more broadly.  We stayed for two days with a wonderful Dzogchen teacher and friend, before continuing to the Buddhist Monastery and re-connecting with NotMetaAriyo.

In Totnes, and through various online meetings, I have been introduced to many Providers who show great interest in the services we are developing.  Quite a few are interested in helping with ‘piloting’, so we can learn as we develop.  What I am pleased and reassured to notice is that Providers not only find MetaProvide “an interesting idea”, but also express a genuine need for it.  Furthermore, on the Explorer side, a fellow team member and I were discussing the various specialists and strategies on the path of inner growth and insight.  As we talked about this, we started to laugh.  Why?  Well, it dawned on us that we were in fact doing quite sophisticated ‘Explorer-assistance’!  We became acutely aware that, even for ourselves, there really are no reliable, well-developed institutions or services for this out there yet.  So… let’s make that happen!

Besides being busy with the platform and communication, I have talked with various people about producing a short but professional video about the project. The goal is to capture the core ideas whilst giving an overview of the incredible diversity of environments connected to MetaProvide, such as yoga studios, psychotherapy rooms, monasteries, hackathons, online help-desks, eco-village-communes, and so forth; and, most importantly, highlighting individuals who are either “providing or seeking” from the viewpoint of our vision which aims to build the services that can support them in this.

Having mentioned the extensive work done on the digital platform by MetaFinn, MetaHenry and myself, something should also be said about the actual collective/collaborative use of it for all of us in the coming weeks.

The highest priority in September will be the pitch-deck and project-charter, which primarily MetaJonathan and MetaFru are working on now.  We will also gather in smaller groups on the platform and do several simple and interesting tasks together, whilst drinking cups of tea in the online tea-rooms of course!  I will share some material for us in the MetaTeam, giving a much-needed project overview, and there will also be some easy-to-follow instructions on platform usage. MetaStephan has agreed to be interviewed (and also observed during his work) by MetaFru from the point of view of usability.  This will be very important for the services we are developing. NotMetaAriyo has promised to give us advice on wholesome group dynamics, which really is something to look forward to.

MetaJacob, who spent some of his last UK days looking into ‘lean’ dynamics with me, has now started at Harvard, and will (now in cowboy-boots, but without his Queen’s Earl Grey) continue to help us from that part of the world.  Testsson has, after some soul-searching, learned to love LDAP.  MetaEmmanuel in South Africa, who joined us since the last update, has spent many hours with me online, looking into the various aspects of how to improve coordination and administrative tasks in MetaProvide.  And this month NotMetaMartin, being one of the most wonderful and supportive friends I have ever known, managed to completely surprise me with even more happiness than at any other point during the entire span of our friendship.

So, with the platform down for reconstruction, it is incredible that there nevertheless has been this much human-to-human interaction project-wise. Especially considering that the project in terms of its quantitative amount of social activity has been at its lowest point so far, team-wise.  September will be the month when this balance will be completely different. So expect to get some very interesting updates sent to you by the end of next week.

Wishing you all the very best,