Hi there,

I hope that you are all doing really well. MetaBjorn here giving a small update.

Much work has been done that has not yet been added to the platform — although already a few things can be found under project documentation. For anyone unfamiliar with the project the overview should be informative.

The front-end is now functional and coherent enough, thanks to the kind efforts of NotMetaMartin. MetaJonathan and I have had online meetings and have produced guidelines for continuous project development.  MetaStephan and I visited an available estate in Portugal that will be used for project activity. MetaJacob and I have had some productive dialogues regarding the vision and how he would like to work with its presentation in written form; we will soon meet in Totnes to further work on this. I stayed at MetaGiusy’s and introduced her to the basic usage of the platform and how we can individually contribute through it. MetaHenry and MetaFinn have been doing incredible tech-work on the back-end, which has not been without it’s demanding challenges. The final pieces will hopefully fall into place quite soon. I’m now staying in Totnes, where I’ve been meeting people interested in what we are developing.  I could write so much more about the last two weeks. This Friday I have an online meeting with MetaSabina (and her close friend Luna, who is interested in developing a very interesting related project).

Please be aware that there will be glitches and other problems with ‘Talk’ for another week or so, while we work on increasing long-term stability. After these changes more material will be uploaded here, and we will have more interactive time together to collaborate and create wonders.

I hope that your summer feels as blessed as my own right now, and I very much look forward to all of us spending more time together both online and IRL as things continue to grow and mature.

Wishing you all well,