How to Increase Your Data Security and Online Collaboration

Introducting Platformly: Empowering Secure Collaboration

In today's digital age, data security and efficient online collaboration are essential for the success of any organisation. However, many large security-conscious organisations without a strong tech background struggle to find the right solutions that meet their unique needs. That's where Platformly comes in. Platformly, developed by MetaProvide, is a custom-built collaboration platform designed to address the specific requirements of security-conscious organisations, equipped with blockchain-based decentralised data storage that ensures unmatched data safety.

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In 2018, MetaProvide embarked on a mission to support applied practical goodness in the world. Their team of programmers, product developers, administrators, and communicators sought to bridge the gap between doing good for others and achieving the efficiency and professionalism necessary for growth and success. Today, MetaProvide is proud to introduce Platformly, a powerful solution for organisations that value both data security and collaboration.

Unparalleled Data Security with Nextcloud-Swarm Integration

Platformly leverages the integration of decentralisation technology, such as Swarm storage, within Nextcloud, a highly customisable and mature collaborative platform. Nextcloud caters to all types of businesses, organisations, and home users, offering an open-source solution that benefits from community contributions. Our Nextcloud Swarm-storage plugin is published and available for download through the Nextcloud app store, ensuring easy accessibility and seamless integration.

But what sets Platformly apart? With Platformly's Nextcloud-Swarm integration, organisations can consolidate multiple external solutions, both open and closed source, into a single software platform. Instead of relying on various third-party software and services that lack integration or robust data protection, Platformly offers a suite of tools within Nextcloud, including video conferencing and chat, online office, file storage, integrated email, calendar, and more. The ability to centralise these tools streamlines communication, organisation, and collaboration, enabling teams to work more efficiently.

Streamlining Collaboration with Platformly's All-in-One Suite

Data security is a top priority for Platformly. Organisations have the option to keep their data on their own server or leverage Swarm's encrypted surveillance-free decentralised blockchain-based solution. With Platformly, you regain control of your data and eliminate reliance on external services that often come with intrusive ads and tracking. Your data remains yours and stays secure, even if your server or backups are compromised. By leveraging Swarm's decentralised external storage connected to the blockchain, your files are stored securely and encrypted, ensuring unmatched data safety.

Platformly offers a range of customisation options to tailor the platform to your organisation's specific needs. Whether you require video conferencing and chat capabilities, a Kanban-style project organisation tool, a calendar for seamless event management, secure email services, or a file-sharing feature with end-to-end encryption, Platformly has you covered. With over 100 additional tools available for customisation, you can build a collaboration platform that suits your unique requirements.

The Future of Platformly: NextWallet and Swarm Integration in Nextcloud

The future of Platformly holds exciting possibilities. The team is developing a Wallet-login feature called "NextWallet," which will bridge Web2 to Web3 through MetaMask integration. Additionally, they are exploring the use and exchange of BZZ, Swarm's native token, within the platform. With an expanding user base of over 400,000 existing Nextcloud servers and 200,000 Owncloud servers, the potential for Swarm integration in Nextcloud is vast. This includes increased decentralized data storage usage, blockchain interaction, bee-node hosting, and more. The team at MetaProvide is committed to making Swarm Integration in Nextcloud even more convenient and user-friendly.

Regain Control of Your Data: Experience of the Power of Platformly

Are you looking for a custom-built collaboration platform that puts you in control of your data? Look no further than Platformly. Experience the power of true collaboration and data security with our innovative solution. Contact us today to learn more and get started on building your custom platform. At Platformly, where data, teams, and open-source platforms meet privacy, we build your platform for you to keep.

Remember, your data is your business, and only you should own it. Say goodbye to external third-party software and services that compromise your data security. With Platformly, you regain control and gain unmatched data safety. Don't settle for less when it comes to your organization's data security and online collaboration. Choose Platformly and unlock a new level of efficiency, professionalism, and peace of mind.