Surprising Facts About Data Privacy

Protecting Your Information and Embracing Privacy by Design

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In today's interconnected world, data privacy protection and privacy by design have become crucial considerations. With the increasing digitisation of our lives and widespread technology usage, it's important to fully understand what this means for your personal data privacy. In this blog post, we will explore five unexpected facts about data privacy that will make you rethink how your personal information is used and the importance of embracing privacy by design to enhance your privacy protection.

Fact 1: Your Metadata Can Reveal More Than You Think

When discussing data privacy, it's common to focus on the content we share and our personal information. However, it's surprising to note that even metadata, including information like timestamps, dates, and locations of our online interactions, can reveal significant details about us. By analysing metadata, organisations can gain insights into our preferences, habits, and social connections, emphasising the need for robust privacy protection.

Fact 2: Social Media Platforms Collect Extensive Data About Us

While we are aware that social media platforms collect data about us, it's astonishing to learn the extent of information they gather. From our posts and comments to our likes, shares, and even the duration of our interactions, social media platforms meticulously record every action. This data is utilised to create detailed user profiles, reinforcing the importance of privacy by design.

Fact 3: Your Smart Devices Are Listening

The increasing popularity of smart devices, such as voice assistants and smart speakers, comes with a high cost: these devices are constantly listening. Although their purpose is to respond to voice commands, this means that your conversations may be recorded and stored by the device or service provider, raising concerns about privacy breaches and potential misuse of recorded data.

Fact 4: Data Brokers Trade Your Personal Information

Data brokers are entities that collect and aggregate data from various sources, including social media platforms, public records, and online activities. They then sell this information to third parties, such as marketers, researchers, and advertisers. It's astounding that many individuals are unaware of their personal information being bought and sold, with limited control over its usage, emphasizing the need for enhanced data privacy protection.

Fact 5: Data Privacy Laws Vary Significantly Across Countries

Data privacy laws differ greatly from one country to another. While some nations have comprehensive regulations protecting individuals' personal information, others have minimal safeguards. This discrepancy becomes particularly important when transferring personal data across borders or dealing with multinational companies. Understanding the legal landscape of data privacy is vital for individuals to navigate complexities and make informed decisions while embracing privacy by design.


Data privacy is a complex and evolving field that impacts us all. Clearly there is the need for individuals, organisations, and policymakers to prioritise privacy protection and embrace privacy by design. By understanding the importance of data privacy, exploring ways to improve it, and recognising it as a human right, we can create a safer and more secure digital landscape where individuals have control over their personal information. Utilising solutions like Platformly can further enhance data privacy by offering a centralised platform with integrated tools and the ability to choose data storage options. Let's work together to protect our information and embrace privacy by design for a better digital future.